Friday, December 14, 2007

Animation Assignment #4

Box Fold! (Possibly my favourite animation that I did all year <3~ I was really proud of it!)


Limster said...

yeah i know you should be proud of it! it's good! >w<

Adriana said...

;_; Thanks, I worked like 2 whooole days on it, though.. so like 12 hours =_= It shouldn't have taken so looongg!!

But thank yooouu! *Hugs*

basset said...

geez so neat *-*
funny how my least fav one is ur fav assignment xD

Leon JO said...

Long time no talk AND see
never knew u had a blog too!
anyway gonna link ya and keep up the good works!!!

p.s i never got my mark for my box fold yet...wonder how much i got for that..